Michael E. Mustizer

Writer, Director, Producer and star of, The Other Half of Me. The Other Half of me stemmed from two years of work on the script and preproduction on the film.

He is a native of Northern New York, but currently resides on Long Island. He has a BS degree in Mathematics from SUNY Oswego. He has no background in film studies... aside from the HOURS and HOURS of avid film watching andanalyzing. And, it's his day job, as a video store manager.

Mike has writeen a total of seven full length scripts, four shorts. This is his first production. He is in pre-production now for his second feature, "The Wizard of Freaks."

 Carrie Goddard

Carrie is the only true trained actor in the entire production of "The Other Half of Me" She has a BFA from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.

Carrie currently works as an independent web-designer, and acts when she gets the chance. Last summer she could have been seen in the show "Broad Humor" Before that she spent time all over the country with the comedy troupe "Youth Incorporated."

Carrie currently resides in NYC (but is dying for LA) and is a Monkees fanatic. Check out her webpage: www.daydream2000.com

 Shay Ryan

Shay, born on LI, but a Jersey native, spends her days behind a desk and acts when she gets the chance. This was her first true acting gig. She has had some training with the Creative Acting Company, NY.

She has a BS in Finance from Rutgers, and was a Sergeant in the USMC for five years. She is trained in hand to hand combat and weapons from small arms to heavy caliber machine guns. So, don't mess with her.

 Darcy Andreone

Darcy is currently a student on Long Island, working with the deaf. She has had no prior acting experience, but played the part of a New Yorker really well.

 Pete Grass

Unlike his onscreen counterpart... Pete is not a porn dog. Pete is also a student on Long Island. This was also his first acting job. Pete's currently working as an assistant manager in a comic book store. He is also working on the art design for "The Wizard of Freaks."

 Irene Messina

Irene rules the roost at her home on the north shore of Long Island. She has some acting experience, but again, this was her first real acting job. 80% of the locations in The Other Half of Me were filmed at her house and her little stretch of beach. Without her, there would have been no filming.

 Dustin Manning

Dustin is a stage actor from Long Island. When he gets free time he spends it on stage. It isn't often that he gets free time, because he spends his time driving to the music store he manages out in the Hamptons.

Dustin is a DVD fanatic, his collection has even surpassed that of the director, Michael Mustizer.